About this database

 This database has been created by joint research with the International Research Institute for Disaster Science, Tohoku University. The purpose of this project is to provide legible images of the inscriptions on the surface of stone monuments so that third parties can verify their legibility and misinterpretation, and to enhance the material value of the images themselves.
A lot of research has already begun on how to use the tsunami monument to commemorate the lessons of the tsunami, and there are many useful methods. In addition to tsunamis, stone monuments to hand down the memories of other disasters such as floods, eruptions, and typhoons are scattered throughout the city. This database aims to preserve and make available legible images of inscriptions that have not been spared from weathering, with the aim of utilizing the inscriptions inscribed on traditional monuments to natural disasters for disaster prevention and mitigation. To this end, we plan to add more inscription images to the database in the future.

About “Optical Rubbing”

About “Optical Rubbing” Stone monuments throughout Japan continue to undergo constant weathering and the written information on their surfaces continues to decay. As a result, a simple photographic image makes the inscription difficult to decipher. The method used in this study uses “Optical Rubbing”, a unique image processing technology, to create and store character information as quickly as paper rubbings with no contact and no defacement. With this method, it is easy to create rubbed-out images using common photographic equipment (tablets, digital cameras, tripods) without specialized knowledge or skills.

Developed and photographed by.

Hideyuki Uesugi Name: Hideyuki Uesugi
Position: Researcher, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara
Research themes: restoration of inscriptions, research on stone artifacts, disaster prevention, tourism, and other resources in various fields.

Collaborative Researchers, Tohoku University

Name: Yuichi EbinaName: Yuichi Ebina
Position: Associate Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University

External Co-Investigators

Name: Teruhiro TaniName: Teruhiro Tani
Position: Wakasa-ji Bunka Institute

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